City of art, culture and....ah sod it. It's a damned city like most others,but it does have great pubs, as long as you stay clear of the charver/charva bars.
by hatman February 9, 2004
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The only decent people in England, if you ever have a party and want it to be bitching then you'll need to invite at least 2 scottish people, 2 newcastle people and 2 irish people and be sure to stock a lot of drink and a few towels to mop up the sick/blood out back
Last time I went out with my newcastle, scottish and irish frinds one of them fell asleep in a cupboard, I squared up to some dick who was giving me shit and we all got pished and were sick

Good times
by Kieren and Grae July 4, 2006
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The better city in the North East where Geordies originate from, surpasses the lesser neighbouring city Sunderland outright.
"Hey I fancy visiting the North East"
"Hmmm, how about Sunderland?"
"No way, that place is a shithole. I would much rather visit the better city of Newcastle."
"Right o"
by mceggy January 8, 2006
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City north of Sydney in Australia (there's also one in England somewhere...). Great beaches. Good ice-cream. Creepy men. Also called Newie. The people there are Novocastrians. Good med school. Too hot in the summer, sort of humid too.
The men on the side of the road in newcastle try to creep out young girls walking past. Just don't look them in the encourages them.
by 4branched.lemon.tree June 6, 2006
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Also known as 'newy'.
A city in NSW, Australia, north of Sydney that has a long standing rivalry with Wollongong. The steelworks there used to be the backbone of its industry.
Not much to see there now.
"Person A:I'm going to Newcastle on the weekend
Person B: Why dont you go to the Gong instead?".
by CP84 November 22, 2005
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A city that has wrongly been labled as a city of art and culture.

Unless you define art and culture as being overweight, drinking too much and smashing up phone boxes in the bigg market that is..

BTW, I'm from the north east, it's like that all over. I havn't really got 'out against geordies, but they are arrogant"
"What's all this crap about newcastle being cultured??"

"Oh, i know, it's because the media has to be politically correct and pretend the north east isn't shite!!"
by The mackem July 11, 2004
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A specific core for the Athlon 64 processor.

AMD released a cheaper core for the Athlon 64 right after the initial debut of the processor. The Newcastle core came in both the Socket 754 and 939 interfaces. It featured 512 KB of L2 cache as opposed to 1 MB on the Clawhammer core.

The Newcastles on the Socket 754 platform ran at 800MHz Hypertransport frequency while the Socket 939 ones ran at 1000 MHz Hypertransport frequency.

Athlon 64s
Newcastle (754): 2800+, 3000+, 3200+, 3300+ (L2 = 256 KB), 3400+
Newcastle (939): 3000+, 3200+, 3400+, 3500+, 3800+

AMD phased out its Socket 754 platform and so Newcastles are the last of Socket 754. Socket 754 will only continue for Semprons (budget level). Socket 939 Newcastles are replaced by Winchester/Venice core CPUs which feature 90nm manufacturing (and SSE3 in Venice).
I bought a Newcastle instead of a Clawhammer today because Clawhammers were being phased out on Socket 754.

My Newcastle 3200+ rapes an Intel P4 3.2 GHz anyday.
by dmo April 24, 2005
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