if you were born on this day all your friends must buy you chicken nuggets
addy: “what do i get for james’ birthday?”
jaiden: “well james was born on december 23rd so you have to buy him chicken nuggets.”
by lifeisadisease December 7, 2019
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flipping finn wolfhards birthday. we need to appreciate this day as he is so pure and genuine and overall the best person in this world. he is amazing.
millie: hey it’s December 23rd, yk what that means?!
shaylee: no?

millie: it’s finn wolfhards birthday!
shaylee: stfu idc
millie: *kills shaylee*
by FinnSk8ta November 1, 2019
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The day your supposed to make purposely bad puns/jokes about anything winter related or else your not in the Christmas spirit and your getting coal for the next 30 years.
Dude it’s December 23rd , that’s pretty n-ice isn’t it?
by Santa Clause (REAL) December 21, 2020
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December 23rd is National Chateen Day. Everyone has to remember to do their daily Chateen shipping that day.
PA: What day is it today?
PB: Uhh, December 23rd?
PC: Not just December 23rd, it’s National Chateen Day!
by EtaTash December 23, 2020
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Possibly the worst day of the year. Like Christmas Eve, it's almost impossible to fall asleep on, but there are no presents in the morning.

MOM: STFU, kid, it's not even Christmas eve. Now go to your room while mommy gets drunk.
by stratokasterd December 23, 2010
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leo:”it is december 23rd yk what that means it’s national sucking dick day”
carson:”alright come here let me suck ur dick
national sucking dick day
by barbie in the dream jousey October 15, 2021
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national send nudes to anyone who asks day
its two days away from christmas for god sakes just send some ass nobody will know
boy: send nudes?
girl: sorry i dont do that
boy: but its December 23rd!
girl: oh shit sorry i forgot *sends a nude*
by i only speak factsss December 7, 2020
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