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Australian slang for a tongue kiss, like the English word snog.
Did you hear that Richard pashed Emma at the dance?
by Pony January 08, 2004
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An australian slang term for kissing with a tongue. Equavalent to the Brittish 'snog'. Abbreviated from the term 'passionate kiss'
Timmy - Hey did you hear Cassie pashed fifteen guys at the disco on Saturday night?
John - Yeah, She's such a slut!
by Kizza February 05, 2005
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Australian and New Zealand term for french or tongue kissing. Used mainly by teenagers and pre-teens. Used also in a situation so that adults wont know what they are talking about when they refer to kissing as "Pashing".
Girl: "Pashed any hot guys recently?"
by ashz0r January 09, 2006
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Colloquial slang originating from New Zealand, later adopted by British students.

A long, all-encompassing, and somewhat wet and sloppy kiss.

Derived from the word "passionate".

To be used in the same context as "snog", "getting off" and "neck", though it often refers to a kiss with a stranger.
"What happened with Brian, that guy you met the other night Nyree?"

"Oh nothing, we just had a pash in the back of the taxi for fifteen minutes then I never called him back"
by Joey Kendall February 05, 2008
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From North East England (Tyne & Wear area) for Passion. Used when someone is over emotional either excited or even used sarcastically when someone is very angry.
'Had yer Pash' - Calm down (literally meaning hold your passion)
by MrSunderland May 13, 2008
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Potential Gash e.g a younger hot girl that would be fit and do able in the future.
"hey look them year 8's are pretty fit"
"looks like some good Pash to me"
by yemen7543 November 19, 2011
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