Australian slang for a tongue kiss, like the English word snog.
Did you hear that Richard pashed Emma at the dance?
by Pony January 9, 2004
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'Last night, I pashed a gorgeous guy at a party.'
by lolo February 18, 2003
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An australian slang term for kissing with a tongue. Equavalent to the Brittish 'snog'. Abbreviated from the term 'passionate kiss'
Timmy - Hey did you hear Cassie pashed fifteen guys at the disco on Saturday night?
John - Yeah, She's such a slut!
by Kizza February 6, 2005
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Australian and New Zealand term for french or tongue kissing. Used mainly by teenagers and pre-teens. Used also in a situation so that adults wont know what they are talking about when they refer to kissing as "Pashing".
Girl: "Pashed any hot guys recently?"
by ashz0r January 10, 2006
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Colloquial slang originating from New Zealand, later adopted by British students.

A long, all-encompassing, and somewhat wet and sloppy kiss.

Derived from the word "passionate".

To be used in the same context as "snog", "getting off" and "neck", though it often refers to a kiss with a stranger.
"What happened with Brian, that guy you met the other night Nyree?"

"Oh nothing, we just had a pash in the back of the taxi for fifteen minutes then I never called him back"
by Joey Kendall February 6, 2008
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From North East England (Tyne & Wear area) for Passion. Used when someone is over emotional either excited or even used sarcastically when someone is very angry.
'Had yer Pash' - Calm down (literally meaning hold your passion)
by MrSunderland May 13, 2008
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Two very unintelligent bitches who talk a lot of shit, especially on urban chat. They usually go both ways and are known to spread their legs for some reefer.
Earl: Dude I heard you got laid last night?

Billy: Yeah twice, from some Pash bitches. I gave them some arreggano and told them it was weed. Their legs spread wide open.

Earl: Damn..typical Pash.
by moomoo55555 March 30, 2009
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