Sexxie, Adorable, fun to be around, Dates only one man at a time: doesn't go for great looking. Loves to flirt and an amazing kisser and great partner never selfish.
I'd love to meet a Kimberley
by Justin Fox May 30, 2008
An Awesome Girl, Whoever has her is a lucky guy, and should be grateful they've got someone as funny, sexy, intelligent and awesome as her. Don't give her up :P
Kimberley's Awesome, and she's all mine: "Antonio" :* (hug) (h)
by Antman968 July 2, 2011
Kimberley's are friends til the end, she's always got your back no matter what. An extremely beautiful person on the outside. Has an even more impressive inner beauty. Has more strength than all previous heavy-weight champions combined. Kimberley's are normally really hot woman. They have smoking bodies and are drop-dread gorgeous. They are also very sweet, and make amazingly supportive, perfect girlfriends, not to mention a hot body! They are completely adorable, but often get mistreated or understood by men. There hot body often make them very attractive. Kimberley's are very attractive, popular, and have good hearts. Everyone wishes to be as awesome as the Kimberley's and are jealous when they can't compare. Sometimes Kimberley's are a blonde and blue eyed, but it's simply because they love life and laughing, and enjoy seeing other people laugh as well. Kimberley's are usually envied by less popular people. Kimberley's can be insecure but they shouldn't be, people try to bring them down but Kimberley's will always end up winning...they need to realize how wonderful they are. Guys are intimidated to ask them out just because they are so unique and awesome. Kimberley = Popular, outgoing, loved by all, sometimes teased out of jealousy, loved by adults, kids love them too, smart, sexy, bug butted & funny.
All boys want a Kimberley, because they are are so fucking sexy.

Cameron: That girl is so sexy, she is such a kim

Matt: Yeah, i really wanna fuck her

Cameron: Nah, I want her as my girlfriend

Matt: you will have to fight me first
by Gallo12 September 12, 2010
A lovely girl who genuinely wants the best for those who are around her. At times she can be misunderstood however anyone who befriends her is lucky to have her as a friend. She is slightly neeky and slightly cringe however her purity is all that matters.
I wish I had a friend like Kimberley she’s so lovely
by Onlyandrxa July 12, 2019
A kind and caring girl usually one with exceptional natural beauty and good skin, doesn't rush into things, dates one man at a time. A good listener who doesn't feel the need to fill every moment with gossip and chatter. Someone you can trust. An easy laugher and a positive thinker.
I wish my girlfriend was more like a Kimberley.
by peace4everyone March 17, 2009
A out going person with a wonderful personality, that's has ill mad skills, has a rocking body, and a person who knows how to put you in your place.
Kimberley has blond hair, green eye, and a rocking body!
by wRIGHT? July 4, 2010
Kimberley is short, sassy, and sometimes very sweet. She is a fun friend who will help you organize party after party. During those parties she will help cut the family tension by laughing and pointing out how silly something is. She is a great friend who insists on wearing riding boots in spite of not having a horse. She has a slightly twisted sense of humor and loves to laugh at her friends antics. She does not mind the humor coming from making fun of herself. She loves her friends and would rather have a few wonderful intimate relationships than many shallow ones. She loves her friends... but it is those boots... those damn riding boots that make you roll your eyes and love her at the same time!
You are not seriously going to wear those Kimberley boots, are you?
by Pixie1967 November 20, 2011