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A funny contraption that appeared in the mid-90s for the fat... did I just call you by the F-word? Sod me! You are 'overnormal', 'generously cut', 'horizontally-challenged', 'weight-challenged' and other non-sizist words that you'd use to bluff your way into my world you 'non-little' fatfuck! Any way, it's an electronic belt (like the old 'Chastity one, geddit?)... worn on the midriff and peeps when it stretches beyond a certain limit to curb weight-gain and control/ reduce it.

Fatist puns aside, I think that 'fat' is the worst insult you can call somebody with!
Overweight people now are pulling the bull with fat-flashing 'Fat Pride' bozotic marches, Net 'pornhography' or forumese like BHM (big handsome male) and BBW (big beautiful women a.k.a. 'women of size', 'obeausiful'!)! Get a Vastity Belt, y'all and stop opening the damn fridge's door ya lil' fps!
by hammer---;, hytham May 03, 2007
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Freak Economics: a clever meldword coined by authors Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubnerin in their 2005 book 'Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything'. It's economics based on conventional wisdom and not-so-familiar marriage of apparently different factors, people...etc brought together to make business and profit from that oxymoronic combination.
Similiar new economic ventures like freakonomics into the weird and unfamiliar are:
-fiasconomics: study of the rules that govern Sod's Law or what's known as Murphy's Law or Finagle's Law!
-chronomics: coined by Dr. Michael Schuller to mean the study of the laws that govern time in economy and its effect on productivity. Also called bionomics/ time-marketing.
-aeonomics: related closely to the latter and it's the study of economic problems caused by future immortal existence envisioned by Extropians and 'immortalsits'! (ref. arch-anarchy). Also called 'exconomics'.
-neuronomics/ nuerolonomics: neurological economics or neurology-based economy/ neuroeconomics/ neuromarketing...
by hammer---;, hytham May 02, 2007
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Cheap, self-replicating, wireless nanobots (nanoscale-robots), or 'motes' (short for remote robots), used as sensors by the nanorati ('nanotechnology lierati', or elite scientists)... that can communicate, moniter and send data or accomplish nano-scale tasks.
Also called:
-smart matter.
-digital dust.
-micro machines/ microbots.
-nanoassemblers (or 'assmeblers' for short).
-insect robots.
-MEMS: microelectronic mechanical systems.
-software TinyOS: Weenix (LinuxOS-using nanobots)/ Weendows (Windows).
-photovores (nanobots that feed on sun-light, also known as 'heliovores'.
-gastrobots: feed on organic sugar.
A wild and really off-the-wall theory had recently emerged when one scientist predicted that 'smart dust' (these tiny, little nanostructured machines that can collect 'atoms' from the air!) will in a couple of decades lead to what he called the 'global ecophagy' theory : these nanobots come eqiupped with small nanoscal-blades and thus capable of eating away at the whole Earth, leaving in their trail what became known as 'grey goo'! Some other, even madder scientists have also predicted that there would be other 'police' nanobots that will control the others' action and named these 'blue goo'!
Any way, seriously there is today quiet a concern for what is called 'nanotoxicolgy', or nanopollution: the prediction of the harmful effects nanos can make on the 'nanosphere' and the impact of using AMOs (atomically-modified organisms), that are basically GMOs on atom-scale manipulation.
Finally, there's a new role that nanotechnology is playing right now in bringing together different sciences and pitting them together to create a stranger-than-fiction new one: NBIC (nanotechnology, biotechnology, information and cognitive science) that long-awaited science that can make the TransHuman dream a reality!
by hammer---;, hytham April 17, 2007
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HIV-positoids who jab infected needles in the arms, legs and other susceptible bodyparts in subway trains as an act of vengenance!
Unlike the groin terrorist, the 'gift-giver' is someone with what has been called 'compassionate access': willingness to give his disease to those who ask for it! Crazy, ya think? Well, some people love to contract AIDS by will an are called the 'bug-chasers'!
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
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Metrosexual orthodox Jew. New York's Hebrew fashion-conscious metrosexual!
Metrodox is a paradox to many ultra-conservative Jews in New York!
by hammer---;, hytham April 10, 2007
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A male who wears makeup. Yes! You heard that right, metros (metrosexuals) have endless ways to display their 'gay vague' attitude by wearing 'guyliner' (guy eyeliner), or just wear 'natural make-up' (be it bronzing or mere 'facercize' to have better looks!) and aren't ashamed -- as most metrosexuals are! -- to refer to themselves as 'guy chicks', or 'mirls' (men girls)!
The average PP can be spotted at 'podules' (men beauty salons that provide hair-care, facials and massage services in designated personal booths), or at high-end organic salons that cater for its growing male customership.

Metrosexuality has given us a large lexical inheritance that , usually slips the 'gendar' (gender radar): 'Mandex', are *ahem* spandex that males can wear! 'Manties' are male panties! Hell! And if that's not insult enough for us males, then here's a 'mansserrier' (man brassier) for you moobies (man boobies)! 'Mangs' (male bags, also known as 'murses': male purses) for your shoulders! And you are set and ready to go metro-ing your gayass across town!

Metrosexual males are also known as hermaphrodudes (hermaphrodite dudues)/ homme fatales (the male version of femme fatale!)/ 'strays' (straight gays!).
The latest in an ever-growing trend of gender-flexing metrosexuality, the pastel princess is an image-weary male who has 'his' own mindset about what makes a man... a man! Not my 'mang', oops! bag!
by hammer---;, hytham April 10, 2007
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To drink large quantities of cheap alkie/beer, before going out on a 'drinquest' to save on expenses!
I never done pre-drinking: I used to work in a bar, yo!
by hammer---;, hytham May 19, 2007
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