16 definitions by grease_of_sandwich

1.When you shake your head around and your cheeks flap against your face, making a slapping noise
2.When you and your girl do anal and she does the same thing with her ass
1.Steve, do the chop schlop!
2.Me and my girl did the chop schlop last night, my dick still feels good
by grease_of_sandwich September 9, 2019
The General is a company or something. I don't know what the fuck they sell but their old ad has a nice jingle.
"For great low rates you can get online, go to The General and save some time!
by grease_of_sandwich August 28, 2020
Viper is a boss from Titanfall 2. He pilots a modified Northstar Titan and has become a meme due to his lines.
"Voodoo One, Viper's on station. Your journey ends here, pilot. The skies belong to me."
"Got you in the pipes, five by five."
"You need to move faster than that, son. Speed is life."
by grease_of_sandwich February 26, 2021
Some weird vines that come out of an old guy's arm
Mr Joestar! Use your Hermit Purple!
by grease_of_sandwich September 9, 2020
The world will either roll you or ROAD ROLLER DA you. Possibly both. It depends on how deep you are in meme culture.
Somebody once told me the world is gon-what the fuck? Why is that vampire wearing green lipstick?
by grease_of_sandwich November 25, 2020
A line from the game Destiny 2 spoken by the Drifter after he says something about an alien race.
Drifter: Y'all ever take a good look at that Araskes chick? Brotha, she is hot. If you're ever in the mood to get some of that corrupted ether out of yoir system, you can always head over to scornhub.com. Transmat firing!
by grease_of_sandwich March 2, 2021
One of Joseph Joestar's famous Engrish lines. See also OHHH NOOOO and OHHHMYYYGAAAAAAA
Mr Joestar, she's lured us onto a train track!
by grease_of_sandwich November 24, 2020