A nickname given to the protagonists of the jojo bizarre adventures by the side characters. And also something Dio makes sure to utter everyday before he goes to bed.
Dio: I have given up my humanity, jojo.
by Ruashex March 7, 2020
the one thing DIO cant stop saying or what every joestars name stars with.
"your next JOJO!" "Jo-Jo we're gonna gonna call you JoJo from now on!"
by DIO and THE WORLD March 26, 2020
If a person is named "JoJo" it's a really high chance that they are such a strong person with a great tragedy, however, they would have such a personality, no matter what "JoJo" is, a gentleman, a person who loves to play tricks, a high schooler who always yells at his parent, a random punk with cool hair, a gang star, a horny bitch, a fucking cripple, some sailor with amnesia, you name it!
JoJo can be whatever tragic person you would ever meet.
by slime64 November 22, 2020
The most beautiful, great, awesome, sexy, funny, cool, football loving, (did i mention beautiful) girl you will ever meet.
I think I met JoJo last night... It was awesome!!!!!
by Kenny Miles November 24, 2007
1. i chick i would totaly fuck

2. an amazing singer
dude have you seen JoJo? SCHWING
by Adam Hussey September 5, 2006
A smart guy but very funny always cheer you uo and is very loyal. Will always be on your said and is hard to fall outta love. Love to flex his money and kno that nobody will fuck with him. Very charming and is a great listener. Very great in bed !
Wow kim i met a jojo last night he was freaking awesome

Im in love with a jojo
by Therealaboutus December 19, 2016