What a man says when hes to embarrassed to say his real size
"How big are you?"

"....9 inches"
by ADemperado October 12, 2008
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Someone called 9 inch has a reputation of having a massive penis, also know as "The D"
Have you see him? Everyone calls him 9 inch, he must have be The D!
by TheGoD August 22, 2013
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a word that boys use to cover up how big there pp is
i have a 9 inch shlong
by big chungus 69 420 November 30, 2020
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An insult because 9 inch pies are too small for normal people
by Soupqueen13 March 18, 2018
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The (Not so secret) weapon of the Legendary Jonathan K Mina,
Its rumored to have a chilling irrrefusable call similar to the sirens from the Odyssey, But proves to be the effective while dealing with Asian jailbait
Asian Girl 1: Holyshit did you feel that 9 inch punisher yet? Its to Die for.!.!
Asian girl 2: No! But i dream of the day where i'm lucky enough!
by DepthsHigh November 24, 2014
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What are you, fucking gay? You look up 9 inch long because you want to beat your meat cause you're gay.
Nigga you gay, you looked up a 9 inch long dick
by I'm gayyyyyy November 12, 2017
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This giant biological marvel baffles scientists worldwide to this day. She is like 5% horse and has about 10% of the world's cock mass. this exceptional specimen has been under research since 1902, when lila's descendants first discovered the prophecy of lila's descent. the horse god in human disguise, a cock that rivals that of a sperm whale. it is hard not to look at her absolute unit of a cock, it is so big that it generates it's own gravitational pull. try not to look directly at it or else there is a high chance of getting blinded. no mortal is capable of looking at it without facing the consequences. to mere mortals, the cock may look as bright as 1000000000 suns. #9inchcock
Lila's cock (9 inches) is scaring the children !
put your MASSIVE cock away!!
by Not Syun September 16, 2022
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