How you draw and color a piece of art.
That persons uses a lot of sharp edges in their art style.
by Cyber10291 June 11, 2018
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An excuse for people on deviantArt or any other art forum to be lazy and draw disproportionate, badly shaded, eye-gouging artwork.
Logical person on dA: "Hey, I think you've got a lot of potential. I suggest you look into some hand anatomy to improve."
Artist: "Um, no, that's just my art style. Piss off."
by JaredTheWolf September 3, 2018
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The claim that an art style can be stolen or copied by learning artists to gain attention. Usually claimed by unpopular artists/commentary channels to gain attraction.
Person 1: "That girl stole Sleepkinq's art style! Art style theft!!"
Person 2: "You can't STEAL an art style dude. Beginning artists often take inspiration from things they like and use it as grounds to learn how to draw. Even if they based it off that artist's art style they're creating original pieces with it. Everyone draws different anyway, it's impossible to 100% copy an art style. We're all going to do certain parts differently than other artists. Of course, artists need to branch off and experiment from one art style but it's not like some CRIMINAL thing that you need to be #ISOVERPARTY about."
by APuggle March 9, 2020
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Shitty, minimalist, and soulless art style made popular by Kroger, and now it's everywhere.
Even Urban Dictionary is using the corporate art style aesthetic (joke)
by K-Dogg1 October 2, 2021
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SJW Art style, - or Tumblr Art style - is a type of art style that is characterized mostly by males that have feminine bodies, females that have extreme manly features, girls with extreme amounts of body hair, big noses, big lips, obesity, people of color that have strong face features that resemble a stereotype of said race, or overall, extreme ugly people.

The SJW art style is normally compared to Steven Universe’s art, because of the similar message that it passes.

Oftentimes, even if the art is from different people, the style will look the same, or very similar.
Toby: Geez, I’m tired of browsing Tumblr and only finding art using the SJW art style!
Patricia: You’re right. It looks so wrong and sometimes, actually racist!
by Carolina22 January 13, 2020
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When your art style is never the same two drawings in a row, a always changing art style.
"Ugh, I can never draw a character the same. I have such a bipolar art style."
by Totallynotfluffy December 10, 2021
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