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n. Tiny gust of air. Any sparse briefly refreshing breeze on a sultry day. Originally an Australian term.

It’s hotter than a dinkum’s curse today, mate. I’d give a wallaby’s shout for a windlet.
by gnostic3 August 10, 2020
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place. Tiny, polite city proudly built between the granite bedrock of the shield and the cambrian silt that is Canada. Once the territory of a proud indigenous people who were badly advised and shuffled to obscurity, Winnipeg has become the twelfth tawdriest city in north america and the home of the seventh-best hockey team in Canada. Grain elevating and rock-sorting remain the leading industries altjough vestiges of fishing and a shrinking tourism industry survive. Annual floods have made home-building a prosperous undertaking and a large diorama in the newly built interpretive centre illustrates how the Red river overflows it’s banks in the same places every year and floods the ssme homes.
Want to go to Winnipeg in the spring?

If I can take my canoe!
by gnostic3 October 16, 2019
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n. Delicious coating for making deep-fried koala even tastier. Much loved in finer Perth eateries.

Where’s my wombatter Shiela? Streuth- covered emu dumps! Don’t tell me you’ve only gone and fed it to your bloody sugar glider when the abos are already on their way over for a proper dinkle!
by gnostic3 February 15, 2021
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n. Aussie term for a terrific surfing wave with a white tumbling crest.

Grab your plank mate! I just spotted a woolie in the harbour as big as Nellie's Kangameat Shoppe.

Too right Bruce! Time to wax the water carpet and catch an Abo's dream.
by gnostic3 June 24, 2017
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n. Aussie term for a crooked politician.

Reckon that Trump bloke is the sort of wooly bagger that would try to sell a drover his own kipbuck.

Too right mate.
by gnostic3 December 21, 2019
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n. Lame pseudo-competition dreamt up to justify keeping a frozen sheet of ice in Toronto during September.

You going to watch the World Cup of Hockey?
Not unless I get paid and have a stroke so I can't run off with the cash.
by gnostic3 November 04, 2016
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v. Defeating the USA in any sporting competition. Also a sexual euphemism in Canada.

After a tiring morning with the Finns the Swedes will be yank drubbing all night long.
by gnostic3 January 02, 2020
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