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noun- the study of partfractico
I went to Cedarville University to earn a degree in partfracticolgy.
by ghost December 6, 2003
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Demiboyflux is a combination of demiboy and boyflux. Demiboyflux individuals have some connection to maleness but this connection fluctuates. At their most male, demiboyflux individuals feel like a demiboy. At their least male, they may feel like another gender.

The term may also be interpreted as someone who is partially, but not fully, boyflux.

The female counterpart is demigirlflux its neutral counterpart is demigenderflux
DBF stands "demiboyflux"

furry is terrible at keeping secrets

sky; hey furry told me that you are demiboyflux is that true
DBF; she wasn't meant to tell anyone but yes
sky; cool did you know i am nonb....
DBF; yes i already know your nonbinary it realy obvious you don't have to be the centre of attention you know
sky; um... you don't have to be so rude about your gender
DBF; sorry just annoyed at furry telling someone about my gender
by ghost April 14, 2023
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1. A person lacking interest or desire for sexual intercourse.

2. Someone unattracted and/or unaroused by male or female.
I suspect that Mark is a fiddledefubber because he insists no one is attractive to him.
by ghost August 29, 2004
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All Over. When someone is clingy towards another person, esp. when the other person isn't interested.
I saw Jimmy the other day down at Rock-ola and his ex was AO. She was pathetic.
by ghost August 1, 2003
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Does, from Shakespearian English.
The ocean doth not hold enough water represent n'ere all of thys affection.
by ghost August 7, 2003
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The apparition turned Doth after all the commotion we put forth.
by ghost August 7, 2003
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A car manufactured under a marque one typically associates with being a U.S. company, i.e., Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, etc., regardless of whether or not the car was actually manufactured in the U.S.A.
That domestic looks like a friggin' import.
by ghost August 1, 2003
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