a child that live at the Big Oak Ranch in gadsden, AL.
by Brett Harris October 13, 2006
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a fat girl. the only acceptable way to fuck her is to cover her in ranch dressing.
Alex"dude that girl is a definite rancher."
Joel"good thing i brought a bottle of ranch so i can fuck the dog shit out of her."
by dson25 October 10, 2011
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An outcast. A social leper. A person shunned from society.
In high school, that guy was a total rancher.
by Ghost July 27, 2003
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1)The act of molesting a sheep and or goat
2) Jolly Rancher "candy" Almost eaten by people who smoke weed.
Damn foo you be sick ass gettin' yo rancher on wid dat goat.

Lets go get some smoke on and eat jolly ranchers. Na man sall good I have cheetos. Candy is bad fo yo teeths
by Rancher June 18, 2003
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Controlling man who finds his trophy partner (ie. wife, girlfriend) and locks her into a relationship often bringing in a dynamic where he feels he can manipulate the control (ie marriage, engagement), but views her more as property (like a cow) than a partner. When a rancher feels they have the control, they will take the partner for granted, often manifesting into behaviors like neglect, cheating, and dismissing his partner anytime she questions him. When they feel they are losing control (ie. standing up to him, leaving him, met someone else), they will then become obsessed with their partner to gain control back. This can often manifest in behaviors such as stalking or violence towards her or her new partner (who he feels is stealing her property).
Sean met Kerry and knew he wanted to possess her, but didn't respect her anymore than he would a prized cow. Once he locked her in by marrying her, he neglected and cheated on her. When she finally had enough, she divorced him and soon began a new relationship with Tim. Sean already became obsessed with Kerry after the divorce (constantly calling her and driving by her house to spy on her) breaks into her house and confronts Tim (who was oblivious to everything). Kerry still feeling some type of connection to Sean asks Tim to leave and starts working on a new relationship with Sean. Sean plans a trip to Las Vegas for them and while there, convinces Kerry to marry him again. Now that Sean regains a sense of being in control, he quickly takes Kerry for granted again (and again resumes the neglect and infidelity). Kerry again leaves Sean, and also resumes her relationship with Tim. Again, Sean resumes the spying and obsessive contacting to try to regain control of Kerry and win her back. When he fails and feels he lost to Tim, he plants a GPS device on Tim's truck and tracks him to a parking lot where he ambushes and kills him. Sean was a rancher b/c he viewed Kerry as his property (no more than a cow) rather than his wife, and attacked Tim due to a sense that Tim was stealing his property. Caveat: Not to be confused w/ the ranchers who are in a legitimate profession, actually own their cows (actual cows also), and don't just attack and/ or kill people over property disputes.
by Al Diesel July 4, 2013
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A person that insists on incorpurating ranch dressing in almost every meal. weather it be A hamburger or a taco.
Mattie had made a wonderful Steak and potato dinner for her and her best friend karry, when they sat down karry said " Oh I almost forgot " and she pulled out a bottle of ranch and smothered her steak. "looks great Mattie"
what a rancher.
by may mee July 10, 2009
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A person who makes a living off raising foster kids who never plans to adopt them. They use them as personal servents just to replace them when their state aid ends.
Yeah see that weird kid over there... He's being raised by a RANCHER.
by Smutty Ruckspen October 23, 2014
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