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A sexy person who attracts women without effort like no tomorrow. He is the best in the bed and always pleases the woman like she never had before. Usually a Hispanic who starts stuff
Joe: Man did you see that kid he's so hot I want to be gay
Friend: I Know he must be a Radames
by Thekid3000 January 16, 2016
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n 1: someone who deliberately foments trouble; "he was the radames of their quarrel" syn: instigator, provoker, inciter, instigant, firebrand

v 1: to inflict or deliberately bring trouble to a situation; "he radames'd that argument into chaos"
boston: hey tile-face, you goin out later?
Tile face: nah, I'm just gonna hang out here.
Radames: Hey, boston, steve wrote erik banks on your wall, in glow in the dark ink... everywhere.
by TileFace February 07, 2005
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