52 definitions by Ghost

All Over. When someone is clingy towards another person, esp. when the other person isn't interested.
I saw Jimmy the other day down at Rock-ola and his ex was AO. She was pathetic.
by Ghost August 1, 2003
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A visible stain left on an object by dried semen.
Monica had a spunk stain on her dress.
by Ghost July 27, 2003
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OMG he just made a sturm mistake which costed us the victory.
by Ghost September 26, 2003
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To talk nonsense. To utter complete fabrications. Especially when one knows them to be untrue.
He didn't saying one thing that was right. He was just talking trash.
by Ghost July 27, 2003
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A woman who has such a big bush that it can be seen coming out from the sides of her panties (when viewed from the front).
Damn, honey, look at that tarantula! Why don't you trim that thing?
by Ghost August 1, 2003
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A person of extremely low I.Q.. Prone to being clueless in all aspects of life.
That guy is such a mental midget, it's almost criminal that he be allowed to live.
by Ghost July 27, 2003
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Used on planet Marclar to replace all nouns.
Holy Marclar, Marclar, what the Marclar, was that Marclar doing?
by Ghost April 20, 2005
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