something u could look into all day long and not a thought would cross your head except for how comlpetely head over heels in love you are with this girl
i looked into kat's eyes all day long nd would have stayed there forever if i could,except her parents are nazis, but her eyes just kept me goin
by andrew the sexy aussie August 11, 2006
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To achieve orgasm all over a girl's face and in her eyes.
I'd dot her eyes anytime.
by BDK-Nairb February 06, 2004
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Like she a closet hoe; like she wants it despite posing normal. She's got that little something-something about her that let's you know, she a freak behind that innocence.
Me: this my girl. *show pics"
Him: damn. Yea she got that little twinkle in her eye.🤷 ♂️🤷 ♂️
by Wechill1 March 01, 2021
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When you're getting a BJ, and you yell "Stop 'Holden' my Nutsack" and you then bust one in her eye. You then gently wipe off her face with an old copy of The Catcher in the Rye.
I never realized anything good came out of reading. But my old Catcher in the Rye book came in handy when I needed to clean her face after a quickie behind the White Castle. "The Catcher in her Eye" is now a favorite of ours.
by Moish Finkelmeister July 19, 2006
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To give her two black eyes. Punching someone in both eyes will "dot their eyes".
She never had a black eye and wanted one. I punched her in the eye but she didn't think I hit her hard enough so I punched her other eye. She ended up with two black eyes - well, she wanted me to dot her eyes, so I did.
by Phoenixmsb April 13, 2010
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Ejaculating in a Females eyes, generally after oral sex.
" She gave me a wicked good blow job and the grand finale was when I glued her eyes shut ".
by King Bariteke January 04, 2017
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An old Yorkshire saying, more specifically from the Bradford area, used to increase the emphasis of the more traditional butter wouldn't melt. Must exclude the use of any pause between 'melt' and 'in her eyes'.
by mackemlad1 October 17, 2015
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