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your an unstable creature, i ain't even gonna say bitch. I'm gonna say unstable creature
by G July 05, 2003

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Originally came from a game called "29" played in India. Game consists of 4 players, 2 teams of 2, and the goal was to get 29 points in one game. If you or your partner would lose the game, you would say that you're "gone case" meaning you lost the hand or the game. Definition now extends to many meanings of the word gone, gone can mean, asleep, drunk, dead, not here, etc
Doug is gone case. (meaning he is drunk)

Jon is gone case from the store. (he is no longer at the store).

Harkishan is sooo gone case. (harkishan is sleeping)

by G February 11, 2005

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A person that pawns at many things. Often associated with multicultured beasts.
-that dude's mad g-lo, yo.
-damstraiht homy
by g October 29, 2004

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1. Song by Genesis
2. Dance only performed by the truest.
3. Dance includes:
a. Overexaggerating the "IIIIII!!!"
in the "I can't dance" lyric.
b. Slowly walking in a straight
line of about 4 people moving
each arm and leg forward at the
same time (e.g. right hand
forward, right leg forward)

To master the dance, watch Genesis' "I Can't Dance" video repeatedly.
"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII can't dance, IIIIIII can't walk"
by G January 18, 2005

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The tingly feeling one gets on the back of one's neck as one is urinating in a cold place in the middle of the night as the room temperature drops.
Sarah felt flubajub last evening as she was peeing, for she had drinken way too much that evening.
by G November 13, 2004

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F= First
R= Race
Look at the 5.0L It is like 7 car lengths ahead of that Rice Burning Civic
by G July 23, 2003

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Irv Gotti. Holds Murder Inc. Label including Ja Rule.
Is that you Irv? - I smell pussy - G unit
by g April 23, 2005

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