Biggest jerk face, asshole you ever did meet. He enjoys putting girls to make himself feel better about himself. He is not the best basketball player, and he thinks he's very high and mighty because he made Varsity soccer his freshman year. A Randon has no clue how much he hurts people because he has a mental issue.
That Randon has no clue what he's missing
by soccer7289apm November 29, 2014
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A fat ginger that sits home all day and plays video games while eating gummy bears with his dog charlie and loves dinosaurs
Dude did you see that little Faggot he is such a Randon
by MR.DONG January 20, 2016
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a girl with big bangs which hang in her left eye (which is right to you), who has her own personality, thinks myspace is stupid, listens to indie rock, and hates all things associated with belle chasse.
OMG you so cant copy off of her, shes randon, youll look like a complete idiot.
by aidsinabawks__ April 29, 2006
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