The northernmost neighborhood in Manhattan, everything above Dyckman Street. Technically speaking, however, Marble Hill is the northernmost Manhattan neighborhood. However, people consider Marble Hill to be part of Kingsbridge in the Bronx, which it is not.
Inwood is above Dyckman, Washington Heights between 155th and Dyckman, and then Harlem, East Harlem, and Morningside Heights after that. Marble Hill, Riverdale, and Kingsbridge are north of Inwood.
by YO Man July 12, 2004
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The collective name for the hodge-podge of little towns in South Berekeley county West Virginia (Bunker Hill, Gerrardstown, Pikeside, Ridgeway, and actual Inwood), in which no one knows where one ends and the next begins. Also called the armpit of the DC metro area, it is known for its sharp divide between the DC commuters that can afford to live that far away from their jobs, and the "Yew shore gawt a purty mouth" locals. Not to be confused with the much more exciting Inwood, New York.
I live in Inwood, even though I really live in Bunker Hill
by adam, yo November 6, 2008
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An upscale, gated housing community on the north central side of San Antonio, TX.
Inwood has had a few relatively famous residents including: Many SA Spurs (Sean Elliot, Doc Rivers, Alvin Robertson, Will Purdue, Willie Anderson), radio personality Sonny Melendrez, Congressman Henry Bonilla (R-TX), his wife news anchor Debra Knapp Bonilla, some heads of organized crime, and a few others...
by Samuel Chase January 22, 2007
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the post by brooklynkid about how inwood is run down and all that shows how he is a rich fucking daddy paid every thing in cash and can't understand anything being shitty or "ghetto" unless it's in NYC
huh i live in longisland
by NY trailerparks December 19, 2004
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