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Mythical creature: slim, sexy, beautiful, tanned, woman. She should be able to cook, clean & iron. She should be thoughtful as in give me head while I eat my breakfast OR skin up before sex so I can lay back and smoke a spliff while the cum runs down her face.
guy: I met a perfect woman last night
mate: bollocks!
by G August 04, 2003
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one who indulges in bdsm cartoon fairy porn, loves 15 year olds, and would make a shitty lawyer.
'Cockle is hot tee hee' -JT
by g January 21, 2005
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A Person who is totally sad, pathetic, insane and a loser!!!
"You are such a Leeds Fan"
"You F***ing Leeds Fan"
by G December 01, 2004
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The Future aka GOD.

Ugly or fat, who cares?
He is so rich and famous he your mum would give him brown action!! In fact she would to anyone
by G August 07, 2003
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Rick is average
by G August 04, 2003
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This abbreviaion stands for "fuck it off" and describes a lack of enthusiasm by someone to a given subject.
Question: "Are you going to lesson?"
Answer: "Nah, fio"

another elongated example is
"fuck it right off"
by G October 07, 2004
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the best place on earth to live oh wait thats anywhere but basking ridge.Basking ridge defined hmmm thats hard but i'll do it in 2 words IT BLOWS
Basking ridge blows really bad.
by g February 13, 2005
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