a technique for ending an arguement about numbers. Obviously the scoreboard will truly reflect who is winning, regardless of what the other party is saying. Scoreboard suggests that all that is really relevant are the cold hard numbers. If you have scoreboard then the facts/numbers are on your side and you can end the arguement by just pointing out to the other person to look at the scoreboard.
People complain that the Yankees have bought their World Series titles. Who cares? 26 world championships baby, SCOREBOARD!
by the prophet March 26, 2003
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To try to "up" someone in fraternal verbal competition. Much like a verbal "pissing contest" without the mess. Taken from the literal scoreboard (noun) from a sports match.
Mack: (Drunkenly brags about how many skanks he's been with.)
Mike: "Dude, what are we scoreboarding here? Those are nasty hoes. I don't dig that man."
by tyler_mtb October 2, 2007
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When someone keeps track of the number of times they do something before turning it around on you and use it against you.
Bob: I know you called the last 4 times before I called you back. Why are you always scoreboarding me? Mary: I'm not calling you again till you call me!
by dbenn37 February 19, 2015
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Similar, but different, from scoreboard...

"SCOREBOARDED" denotes the essence of the bottom line, end result. Unlikes scoreboard, where the scoreboard is almost used as an excuse, scoreboarded has a meaning of accountibility, on all parts. The origin of this word comes from a combination of traditional "SCOREBOARD" shouts, but also, a touch of sportsmanship.

To be or have been "SCOREBOARDED" ultimately implies that a good competition was had, and that the user acknowledges this. One team was the victor, and the other was not, and that's that.

See also:
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Futher information:
Caps optional, situational. Not using caps suggests a more passive, unemotional and mature manner of usage. All caps suggests the user is feeling a great deal of pride and enthusiasm in the victory, or perhaps loss if one is so inclined, yet still retains a quality of restraint because of the true definition of the word.
In the 2005 Alamo Bowl, the Michigan Wolverines were scoreboarded by the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It was a hard fought game, and both teams showed the potential to win. But when it was all said and done, one team had more points than the other, and a 32-28 victory went down in the history books.

That's right son, you got SCOREBOARDED! (frequently with a fist pound or other gesture of comradery)
by I am you December 30, 2005
It is used in conversation when you believe (either truthfully or in your head) that you have won the argument or effectively made your point as a statement of completion and exuberence. Often spoken in a soft, high pitch tone to better commemorate its original usage in the Geico commercial with Billy King and the Caveman playing tennis.
"Dude, last night I completely laid the D on Kristen.
by comradeplatypus February 28, 2009
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One word statement used in sports as an absolute rebuttal that the best team or player ALWAYS wins. Used when players or fans make excuses or blame poor officiating, injuries, controversies and/or other factors as to why their team or player lost, or otherwise try to argue that the team or player that lost is actually the better player.
"The Tuck Rule didn't lose the game for the Raiders. They had their chances all night long, and didn't take advantage. The Patriots did. Scoreboard."

"I agree the call at the end against the Celtics was ticky-tack, at best. But if they were so good, why did it matter? Look at the scoreboard, deal with it, and move on."

"The USSR earned the Gold Medal in Basketball in 1972. Period. Yes, I know the head of FIBA was totally out of line. Yes, I know the referees were clueless at best, biased at worst. But, dammit, if the USA were the better team, they would have won. Period. The scoreboard never lies. Ever."
by Ten Forward April 5, 2017
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When you have something others want, or are in a situation of personal gain versus your peers. Scoreboard should always be writtin in all caps.
Dan's relationship with his wife is very loving and too good to be true. SCOREBOARD!!
by DTM454 May 6, 2009
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