22 definitions by fatty

One who has similar characteristics to a rodent living in an area of land designated for the storage of human waste.
Ahhh take a bath you fuckin tip rat
by fatty April 07, 2004
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The move that Kane, Undertaker, or Bret Hart did. It is a piledriver that has your stomach facing inward instead of outward like a normal piledriver. Has the same effect as normal piledriver.
Fuck!! Kane just tombstone piledrivered Undertaker.
by fatty December 17, 2003
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SAMWISE GAMGEE. CHUB MIN! AWA. beish's lova. Soo much cooler than elwood. So kin yet so large and chub. Corny.
Awa it's samwise.
Mr. Frodo.
Wow dude you need to lose some pounds. Go on the samwise diet.
by fatty March 14, 2003
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A pussy. Someone who was earlier defined as a recipient of a donkeypunch, and has a choad.
Siyxx is a pussy, e-thug holla nigga-1H
by fatty April 02, 2005
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A person, usually a woman, but sometimes a man, and in rare circumstances a circus midget with one eye, that has been deprived of having/using/eating cock so long, that they have become starved of it's delight and fufillment.
That whore Suzy Jenkins got sent to prison and is now being fucked and eaten out by lesbians, she sure is cock starved or David Hasselhoff hasn't had anal butt sex with or licked the balls of Elton John since he started his Germany comeback tour, I bet he is cock starved by now.
by fatty April 14, 2003
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a fat pudgy short kid who can't play football for shit yet he joined the team. He is a homo and has no friends except an asian kid with squinty eyes, who secretly is his boyfriend.
by fatty April 02, 2005
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The process of eating a girl out while she is menstrating.
Wow i just ate katie out while she was on her period...I looked like a Bloody clown!
by fatty January 05, 2005
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