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A gay kid that seems to be this nice boy on the outside but ends up being the fakest child ever. Only likes girls for sexuality and not anything else. He calls girls that don’t like him whores sluts and hoes. will say he likes you but ends up calling you a slut a horrible person who would pick up a hooker on the sidewalk and acts all nice on the outside but is really a mean perverted loser. Can be annoying to most people in a relationship. Also typically a ginger who is a rich snob
Look at that Luke B calling Gloria a slut because she didn’t like gingers
by Thiccrickstoleyourgirl October 05, 2018
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Some kid I love so much. I hope he reads this. Sometimes takes lots of Ls. Normally tall, or in the middle. Really likes Laneys. I fucking love you.
Random Bitch: That guy is so hot
Random Bitch 2: The one playing basketball?
Random Bitch: Yeah
Random Bitch 2: He's hot

Random Bitch: He's such a Luke B.
Some short white kid who plays ps4 and is called garrington: That's my man
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by bonqueifa June 14, 2018
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