1. A liquid substance with the same qualities as honey or paint.
2. Bodily emissions.
3. Short term for "ghoul" from Warcraft III
1. What is this goo?
2. Then he got goo all over his pants.
3. Make da goo chop the wood, NOOB!
by iopq December 15, 2003
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Come on to the pub for fuck's sake, I have an awful goo on me
by nolzo June 19, 2011
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TO GOO: the VERB form of goo; to feel in love; to be used in place of "turning to goo;" that happy warm-fuzzy-dizzy feeling one gets when it is love at first sight; the ecstatic and thrilling feeling you feel when you are instantly crushing

Synonym: melt crazy flippy fuzzy fly

Verb forms: gooed; gooing
She took one look at the handsome man and couldn't help gooing.

Every time he looked at her he absolutely gooed.
by Lilstar29 July 2, 2012
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the stuff that comes out of women when they come.
i had goo all over my undies when i saw him.
by Leah May 18, 2004
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Hash Oil, Honey Oil, Sticky. Butane or Isopropyl extracted THC , dark to golden in color. Goo has a honey to tar like consistency, and is usually vaporized via a hot stove, and inhaled using a bic pen or similar utensil. Highly potent with an average THC concentration of 50-100%, although the latter is usually achieved with an isomerized and whipped oil, turning into "budder". The high is much clearer and clean compared to regular marijuana, it also lasts longer.
Man, I took 5 goo rips and was high as hell for hours.
by GooFiend August 24, 2007
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a vocal reaction to suprise sexual contact or touching, also surprise in general, or an expression of good sexual stimulation
Alyssa: (grabs steve's balls)

Steve: GOOOO!
by B'Jeff May 31, 2005
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Guy:"I just won $15 dollars on this scratch ticket man!"

Dude: Thas goo man. Yo, buy me a slush puppy.
by Sittin' Easy March 28, 2009
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