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One who travels through time to participate in sexual activities with historical figures. While this practice is not currently possible, it will become a popular hobby amongst future generations.
Person #1: I can't believe she went back in time to fuck Napoleon, Danielle is such a time slut!

Person #2: Dude I heard she picked something up from Imhotep the other day.

Person #1: Well, technically it wasn't the other day since she went back to 2650 BC.

Person #2: Why are we friends?
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This is a person who is taking up too much time at the Beer Pong table. Either from talking on the phone or engaging in drunk conversations.
Eric: "Dude, why is this game of beer pong lasting forever?"

Chris: "Fuckin' time sluts man!"

Eric: "Figures!"
by CIOAN (AppState) March 17, 2010
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