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One who is an annoying bitch that has no balls.
Icedog90 is a panzy.
by bobert February 15, 2004
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1. a male who behaves like a woman
2. one who shows no courage, no balls, and is on the road to faggit land.

Associated with the words faggit, fruitcake, homo, gay and coward
That newf sure acted like a panzy, he was crying after he finished watching bambi.
by Adamdudeman April 03, 2006
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1.(adj) soft movements and actions of a person -mostly used to describe males.
2.usually to describe a male that is straight yet has soft mannerisms that closely dictate a females actions and movements.(most of the time the male does not know he acts in that manner)
1.)I know he's not gay but he's sort of panzy.
by yo mama November 14, 2004
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A person who claims to be something or does something commonly and backs down when it comes to doing it.
A Panzy is pretty much a lier and a pussy towards everything.

Josh: Dude I smoke Pot every day after school

Romain: Hey here's some pot lets smoke!

Josh: Ummm dude I don't feel like it I just quit a few day's ago.

Romain: But you just told me you smoked this morning... were you just trying to act cool?

Josh: Ummm Kinda...
by djjennyfe April 21, 2007
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1. a total homo with no balls, has been known to go by the name pat.
2. drinks alot and is a major pussy about everything (basicly a coward and cant' stick up for himself).
"hey pat stop being a damn panzy."
"you know that pat underwood guy? he is such a panzy, his own sister kicked his ass."
by nate-dogg January 20, 2003
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A wimp, someone who pretends to be "buff", or "macho" but actually dosent do anything.

oddly enough...sound like panzer, panzerfaust, and panzershreck which were all feared weapons of the ww2 era..
tom- wow bob, ure such a panzy, you wont even go down a 4 foot slide!

bob- shutup tom, i'll kick your ass!

tom- ok, do it

bob- well, ummm.......i dont feel like it.

tom- panzy....
by T.C. From Raleigh!!! October 20, 2007
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The kid you always team up on in Dodgeball.
Panzy: I went fucking Adventurous today, I didnt wash my carrots before i ate them.
by Russian communist July 26, 2006
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