I need help
L + ratio + no one asked
I am being serious
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I need help
I need help
by POGGERSVHUN F November 4, 2020
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I need help
I need help
by cattahns November 22, 2021
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You say this phrase when you are genually stressed and in danger because your shoe lace has become undone. It is best to scream it so people can be alarmed and tie it for you.
"Help, I need help"
"What is it?"
"My shoe lace has come undone"
The person then reties it for you
by WiseWordsFromCP December 21, 2017
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a phrase in witch you discover you have issues.
As if you figured out you slept with you Girlfriends sister, mistaking her for the real thing.Or discovering after 15 years of dreaming of straight sex, you find out that you prefer dreaming about your own sex.
"I didnt mean to have sex with her honey!" God,I need help right now
by Emileybeepopp May 8, 2008
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"AHH CAILLOU CUM IN MY BUTT". "Ummm I'm not gonna even ask" "I need mental help"
by yuhyuh69420 October 20, 2019
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Yeah I think I do. I really need help. Maybe I should just go to a Catholic church. I dunno.
I still need help.
by Zatarain’s Root Beer Drinker January 12, 2021
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