The place you get in car to go to but always end up in the McDonald's across the street.

Yah we all see you sweating but that's cause it's hot in that McDonald's and your fat isn't helping.

Stop lying to your wife about going, she knows you don't.

The reason we eat so much.
"Oh I'll just burn it off at the gym"-you
"You mean the drive to Golden Coral..."-me
by a4m0nkey February 2, 2015
The place where you go to lose weight and get in shape. Can also have muscular girls for you to look at while you do your sets, reps, etc.
The gym is basically heaven for me, but not for lazy asses.
by Ramsy Norris August 7, 2021
The gym is like real world prison. Don’t be the one who makes that awkward eye contact. I work in prison and it’s the same.

Real world prison, where you cannot make eye contact.
The gym is like the real world prison. Don’t be that creep that makes that awkward eye contact bro.
by NP Life January 16, 2020
A place where you go to do exercises and work out,

A place where fat people go to try and loose weight,

A place where cheating married women go to start up affairs behind their hard working husbands back

A place for posers
Lets go to the gym I wanna flex my muscles and lift them weights to proove I'm the toughest and bulkiest man down the gym
by Harry69 February 20, 2011
A group of 3 or more Douchebags
I saw a Gym of Douchebags down at the car wash. There must've been thirteen of them hanging around, tilting their hats and checking out each others spray tans. They were easily identifiable, you could hear their unmistakable call 'SUP BRO!?
by Wyrmshadow June 23, 2011
The place I don’t go to cuz I live in my room with my Cheetos
I don’t go to the gym cuz I’m in my room drink mother fucking cheetos
by Thickmexocan August 1, 2019