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Bukakke is when several men ejaculate in the face of a woman. The above mentioned description of its origin is false, mainly because since the punishment for adultery in feudal Japan was death.

Bukakke is a dish in Japan with fine white noodles with a splash of topping in liquid not at all unlike loads of semen. It comes from the verb bukakkeru which means to splash some liquid (usually water).

The Japanese are very good at making poetic or funny descriptions like that.

All this mystic bullshit about Japan and japanese customs must please stop.

i will bukakke you until you give up trying to sound schoolary at the expense of japanese culture you sick pervert.
by twinax June 03, 2006
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A circle jerk, but with a target
Oh yeah bro after the game let's all go to the locker room and have a Bukakke
by Dhanabjzjzjxj September 05, 2016
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When multiple men are playing adventure quest and reach max level they will reach an orgasm then squirt their mana potions all over a woman's face.
Roberto and his buds used their mana potions on a young woman. Bukakke.
by JordanJoshMarc March 02, 2015
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A fetish in pornography, the hallmarks of which is multiple men orgasming onto the face and body of a single girl. The genre was pretty much created by japanese adult film director Kazuhiko Matsumoto. The word itself is a conjugation of two japanese words, and roughly means "splash"
bukakke makes me laugh.
by Sam B. May 18, 2004
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The act of having a number of men giving a single woman a cum shower.
by relaxed May 27, 2003
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having multiple men ejaculate on a (wo)man's face
She's into bukakke
by Jeremy December 03, 2002
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