Goo is the sticky white fluid that a guy shoots out of his dick when he cums.
I was taking care of my morning wood in the cadet showers this morning and I blew my Goo everywhere!
by eda-skip October 30, 2021
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Used to describe a suprised disgust at something or a situation. Originated from the movie Billy Madison by Adam Sandler. Can be used anywhere in a sentance or simply by istself.
"Hey Ernie what's the matter man, I...(see's something grotesque) Goo!!!"

"Goo! What the hell is that?"
by Munkey December 5, 2004
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An articulation of intense joy, affection, happiness, surprise, or jubilation. Often accompanied by or inspired by physical platonic affection. (often associated to predominantly feminine language)
X: awwww, that was so fucking sweet, come here and give me some love.

Y and X hug (in unison): GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

X: Surprise! Happy Birthday!!!

Y: GOOOO! awww, guys, you didn't!!!

Y blushes and smiles the biggest smile of all time
by calistomusik November 29, 2010
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Another word for Slime also known as a cool ass person or your homie.
by Alvaradomatt21/jacobvvx June 11, 2019
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(gew) The intensity of a moment. People outside of said event can't hear the goo.

The actual goo may not sound like goo but is best sounded out as goo. Goo's loudness depends on how intense the moment is.
My mom walked in on me watching gay porn. It was major goo.

I kicked dads gun, thinking it was empty. The golden hollow point ricoche'd and blew his head off GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
by Kwall386 March 27, 2009
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Thick liquid that spews from the male reproductive organ during ejaculation. Also see Baby Gravy.
I'm gonna goo on ur face and plaster you, you dumb teen whore.
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An expression of either total joy, amazment, fear, or disgust...means anything but "yes". Answers any, or even all questions regarding life.

Universal usage. MAy one day unravel meaning to universe. Add "moo" as a prefix, and the word changes to a description of utter horror.
Dude, I found $20! GOOO!!!
Look at her sweaty armpits! GOOO!!!
Holy crap! Webbedbtoes!!! MOO-GOOOO!!!!
by Joe Kelenfy February 22, 2005
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