This nice asshole is from MHA and loves food. Did I mention he can also fly?
Jenny: Hawks is a sweet bitch
by Denkitori July 3, 2020
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hacks, with a little bitch of accent here, and a little bit of accent there.
|KIA|Affy: omg i suck
|F3aR|n00b: download sum hawks
Mike: WTF L4
by bLiTz07 November 20, 2007
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The mascot of a school in Hanover County, Virginia. The hawks fans, while loyal and loud, are not very smart and do not know a lot about football. The Hawks have yet to have a winning season and yet many fans seem to think they are much, much better than they are in reality.
The Hawks wish they were as good as the Raiders.
by Drew Ellsbury October 30, 2007
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The act of flying a Blackhawk helicopter whilst erratically changing altitudes and airspeeds causing difficulty for subsequent chalks to maintain any type of formation flight that would resemble that of a professional Army/Navy/Air Force Aviator.
Did you see Carl in flight lead last night? He was hawking so bad we almost got sick!
by CoCWOO July 26, 2019
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Someone who supports an aggressive foreign policy often including regime change or wars which are deemed inevitable and necessary.
John Bolton was the hawk of the Trump Administration
by America Explained February 21, 2021
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What black people call the wind -- especially in Chicago.
Damn son, did you feel the hawk coming off the lake last night?
by Reggie November 24, 2003
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Meaning to sell something. Semantically implying devious actions involved in the transaction. Often something stolen can be referred to as being hawked. The important thing to remember is it is being stolen to sell on.

A northern English word regularly used in Durham, North Yorkshire and as far north as Tyneside.
'Dude whez mi car?'
'Appen sum charvers hawked it'

From a Geordie folk song... called Cushie Butterfield
'well her name's Cushie Butterfeld and she hawks yella clay'
by NorthYorkshireWordWatch May 28, 2009
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