70 definition by eazy-X

pretentious milk that sat too long in the fridge that was not drank quick enough.
the rotten milk tastes sour.
by eazy-x February 13, 2008

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the coolest people out there
america is a bohemian utopia
by eazy-X May 14, 2008

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a lover of war. obsessed with everything about war and the history of war.
war mongers are people who love guns and weapons.
by eazy-x February 14, 2008

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I once had a guy do a drive by insult on me as i was walking my dogs. he called me a fagot ass motherfucker. i remembered his face and car. i ran into him accidentally when he was walking out of a store months later. i pissed into a bottle and splashed it all over the interior of his car. i also dumped salt and water into the gas tank of another different drive by insult. drive by insults are for passive aggressive trash who think they have the last laugh. I'm still laughing now, motherfucker!
drive by insults may be funny for the passive driver, but some people like myself have taken REAL ACTION for vengeance. they don't know when it's coming or how. justice

they only think they can get away. but i've made sure to remember their face, car and plate.
by eazy-X April 28, 2008

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a modified japanese import car made for rave asian kids. see rice rocket. they are made for looks and speed.
that wonton cart culture has become real popular in the last few years.
by eazy-x February 21, 2008

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Most cushioned pair of asics you can get.
the gel nimbus is the most comfortable shoes you will own.
by eazy-x February 14, 2008

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colorful attitude in modern art. especially in post modernism. fluff is the cutesy, artsy, colorful, witty, found in many art today. some may find a bit pretentious
the cute and clever slacker artist is full of fluff.
by eazy-x February 12, 2008

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