1. A punishment inflicted in retaliation for injury or offense. Often disproportionate to the injury done.

2. Revenge or retribution exacted with extreme prejudice, enthusiasm, and passion.

3. Retaliation by extreme measures, or carried to the extreme.

4. (-with a VENGEANCE) with great force or vehemence; to an extreme or excessive degree.
Alexander the Great exacted vengeance upon the Greek mercenaries he found fighting for the Persian king by killing
every last man of them.

"When I whet my flashing sword, and my hand takes hold on judgement, I will take VENGEANCE upon mine enemies, and I will repay those who haze me. Oh Lord, raise me to Thy right hand and count me among Thy Saints."
by IRONSWORD1 December 11, 2004
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The original name of the band Vengeance Rising: the first Christian thrash band, possibly the first EVER band to use grind/death metal vocals (someone please try to refute this). Started in 1986 or thereabouts.

The band released two recordings under it's original lineup, then 4/5 of the band left to form Die Happy, while the lead vocalist went on to recruit new lineups for 2 more releases, at best 75% as good as the first two.

After the 4th release, the vocalist Roger Martinez went loco, likely had a nervous breakdown, and proceeded to eventually claim to embrace atheism/satanism, which was really just an exercise in "how many of my former close friends can I shock and upset?". All subsequent writings come off sounding like a deranged, discombobulated, confused person, who nevertheless hates all Christians, especially his former bandmates. A sad, confused ending to a hell of a guy and an otherwise hardcore SOB (and I mean SOB in a good way!).
Vengeance Rising Releases:
(Original lineup)
Human Sacrifice
Once Dead

(AKA, "Roger Rising")
Destruction Comes
Released Upon the Earth

(perpetually promised, never delivered)
Realms of Blasphemy

by Mowriter March 8, 2007
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What you want and need
She stole my $300 headphones, i want and need vengeance. Time to microwave her iPhone!
by Noodlesnek November 1, 2016
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It's the best nick ever.

U can also go by Ven, which is also the best nick ever.

Vengeance is simply the best
My vengeance shall rain down upon all those that cross me and I wil crush them as if they were nothing, engulfing them in flame to burn eternally in hell.

Have a Nice Day :)
by Ven August 25, 2004
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I once had a guy do a drive by insult on me as i was walking my dogs. he called me a fagot ass piece of shit. i remembered his face and car. i ran into him accidentally when he was walking out of a store months later. i pissed into a bottle and splashed it all over the interior of his car. i also dumped salt and water into the gas tank of another different drive by insult. drive by insults are for passive aggressive trash who think they have the last laugh. I'm still laughing now, motherfucker..i did 10 times the damage to the assholes
drive by insults may be funny for the passive driver, but some people like myself have taken REAL ACTION for vengeance. they don't know when it's coming or how.

they only think they can get away. but i've made sure to remember their face, car and plate. VENGEANCE IS BEAUTIFUL
by eazy-X April 28, 2008
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What somebody wants on somebody who has made them angry.
'I want vengeance on that person because he's stolen my ice cream'.
by F. A. Lsename March 6, 2004
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to do something with great enthusiasm or describes something that is overly done
Man, that toilet flushes with a vengeance. Meaning: the toilet flushes loud
by Krystal September 23, 2004
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