Someone who thinks they are better than everyone because they shop walmart, drink starbucks, shop the mall and dress american eagle and go to church. They think they are individuals because they condemn those that look a little different or hipster. They are just as judgemental and rude as those they hate. all the young kids think they're better than their peers. They watch stupid summer block busters and condemn those that like things different. their weird tweaks and hidden inconfidence is clearly seen. they listen to pop rock radio hits and expects everyone to be like them. anything too different is just trying too hard. psuedo-conformist are just as pretentious and passive aggressive as their counter part. they love to rant
I like to judge people because i'm a psuedo-conformist. i shop walmart and watch action movies, i hate pseudo intellectuals because i'm young and i love to argue till my throat and ears bleed.especially when it's from the safety of my computer. i hate all my peers who are different or the same. theres always a way to argue my points even if no one listens. everyone tries too hard except me. i'm real
by eazy-x February 19, 2008
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