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Essentially a promise you make to a bro. One that you can never break. ever. Stronger than a promise.
"I bromise you that i will never sleep with your girlfriend. ever"
by eSKape March 12, 2009

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1.When one is not doing so well in a chemistry course.

2. The realisation that you have completely failed a lab, as marked by your incorrect data points.
"What do you think of my curve of best fit?"
"Uh.... more like curve of worst fit!"
by eSKape March 31, 2009

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One who, incessantly, unnecessarily posts on others' walls, comments on others' photos, and pokes other friends on the popular social networking website, Facebook.
"Daphne just wrote "urrr sooo hottt" on six different people's walls! What a facedouche!"
by eSKape February 21, 2009

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Being told the dreaded "just friends;" When a girl, especially one that you are fond of, tells you that you are just friends.
"Yo i was so close to getting Olivia last night, but I didn't know i was about to get jf'd. FML."
by eSKape March 13, 2009

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a very cocky person, especially of asian descent. usually gets good grades, participates in math/sciencey extra-curriculars, and can not stop talking about themselves.
"Stop saying you're going to get into Harvard! you're being so Kwokky!"
by eSKape February 21, 2009

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1. An adverb used to debunk rumours and convey information that may result in surprise and fear.
Zoe: OMG! Can you believe Mr. Fred married that girl?!?!?!

Mr. Fred (unbeknownst to Zoe, right behind her): Actually, we're not married yet.

by eSKape June 02, 2009

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one who has a developed sense of "alcohol detection." in other words, one who can tell you exactly how much booze you've had.
DeBhaviqua: Damn girlll, i can tell you've had three shots o'henny
La'Khalida: Oh girl, you such an alcohawk!
by eSKape April 13, 2009

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