Daphne, a girl. She comes off as shy but is crazy once you get to know her. Shes on her phone 24/7 so you expect a fast response. She’s a little bit too open at times. She gives a lot of people chances to change even if they don’t deserve it. She may seem like a cold hearted bitch but her heart is very big.
“That’s the most I’ve seen Daphne angry at anyone ever!”

“Daphne is so energenic today!”
by gkbbmama37293 February 5, 2019
Your weird friend who will always answer your late night calls and make you laugh even on your worst nights. You will always end up insulting her but she'll laugh it off and make it a joke. She's great at making others laugh. Never lie about something serious to her. She'll trust you and when she finds out you're lying, she'll breakdown inside. She might be dying on the inside, and only one person will know. Don't let her down, she'll be the one that you break but comes up stronger than ever. Karma may be a bitch, but trust me, karma's her best friend.
Girl #1 "Daphne seems so happy!"
Girl #2 " Are you sure? Her smiles a little tight"
by dolphinmuggg December 27, 2018
A Good Looking Girl. Always tries to make people smile and laugh. Although most Daphne's are messy MY DAPHNE isn't. About 25% of Daphne's are nice,chill,funny,caring. Daphne will always try and make things better in a tough situation she will try and put a smile on your face ! Whenever and use whatever it takes to see you smile
Arlene: wow I love daphne to death
Erik: yeah so do I she's amazing
by Arlene Lopez March 25, 2018
a girl that everyone needs to know. she love to help others with anything.
do you know daphne? yea! she’s soo sweet she helped me with my relation problems🥰
by girrllyyy September 30, 2020
Daphne a bassass, gorgeous girl, that some say is a angle warror.
Rare to find, harder to keep

Most woman are very threated by real daphne's and report her facebooks out of jealousy
Dude, is that daphne? Yeah be careful shes a goddess
by Itsmeithink June 25, 2020
Daphne is a very polite and tough person when you first meet her. Once you get to know a Daphne you’ll learn that she is very loud, tough, and extremely stubborn. She can handle people with no problems but she also is very independent at the same time. She isn’t afraid of fighting dirty! Daphne can be a real double agent. She excels in every sport she tries. Loves animals and is a real good smooth talker. Daphne isn’t the warmest but can for sure act the part. Don’t worry she likes being colder than warm (I’m not just talkin about her heart(heat)) Daphne is definey the coolest! She also normally lives by the quotes “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”
Daphne you are so rad

Daphne winged it and no one knew the difference
by Pooperlamb January 2, 2021
A very good looking girl who is popular with everybody. Shy at first, but fun and friendly once you get to know her. Smart and intellegent, and enjoys company. Good at anything she does, and talented in the arts.
"That Daphne girl is amazing!"
by cherrycherryboomboom__ February 8, 2010