the studio
by AC June 25, 2003
Short term for a kind of dog breed: the Labrador Retriever. One of the most popular breeds.
Labrador Retrievers are available in these colors:

Yellow, Black, and Chocolate (or Brown).
by frodaddy March 13, 2005
Dogg, them some great lyrics, lets take 'em back to the lab
by B. Rabbit February 22, 2003
stands for local ass bitch. someone who is famous but only to a certain region.
Kevin Hart got accused of being a lab because he hasn't performed in Paris, France.
by toxicity0613 August 22, 2013
Acronym for Load A Bowl. Commonly used by marijuana smokers and invented by a farmer and a zack
LAB negro i aint baked yet
LAB! this bowl is useless empty
by farmernpuff March 17, 2011
Term used by smokers to describe a smoking location in a location that has banned smoking.
Rosie I'll meet you at the lab in five minutes. In the mean time pick up a pack and some matches.
by Roland819 November 23, 2006