73 definition by dustin

a term used for a woman that is very pleasing to the eye. a good looking woman with attractive features.
"Did you see that girl in black?"
"Ya man she was direct."
by dustin July 01, 2004

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Anyone in an authoritarian role with a weapon of a fire arm class.
That sargent is an operator with the M16-A4.
by Dustin March 03, 2005

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Complete and utter duetch bag
Hey, stop acting like laforge
by Dustin February 02, 2004

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a person you know but you don't really talk to that often
I lost touch with a few quebes from high school, but every couple weeks we managed to send an email or two back and forth.
by Dustin January 25, 2004

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1) It's like Dutch, but way more bad ass!

2) A pussy fuck goon.

--It's not douche, but similar.
"You fucking deutch bag fuck!"

"Shibbity Deutch!"
by Dustin June 14, 2004

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All i want is Poonai from that girl
by Dustin February 02, 2003

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My how this penis tastes good with katsup.
by Dustin November 05, 2002

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