My peeps refers to your close group of people with which your are affiliated with, usually through social events and possible coworkers.
Yeah, I'm gonna hang out with my peeps tonight before I have to resume adulting activities.
by The crankin 1 July 16, 2017
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Something you say to your friends that says, 'Hey! Whats going on! May I join?' Its a nice way to socalize, while staying cool.
Jeff walks into a room of his friends, "Whats up My peeps! Hows it goin?" He says
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Last night a racist killed eleven

I'm going to shoot some hoops for my peeps
hoops for my peeps
by Krkič February 20, 2020
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To add people to someones outlook calendar. This can also be used to tell someone that you have one of their employees or interviewees a plane ticket on an Air Plane.
"I will book my peeps since you are so important and can't be bothered with booking peeps!"
by R to the LO September 21, 2006
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