Shitty town about 35 minutes south of Phoenix, AZ. Best known for having nothing fun to do ever and being the snowbird epicenter of the universe. If you're bored maybe see a movie in the dirty rat infested theater. Not your style? Try the redneck bowling lanes. Even better? Go find your favorite high school graduates kickin it with some freshman at Indian Hills.
Phoenix Kid 1: "Hey man there's a party in Casa Grande tonight!"
Phoenix Kid 2: "Where?"
Phoenix Kid 1: "Remember that one place we stopped to take a piss and you got herpes from the doorknob?"
Phoenix Kid 2: "Ohhhh, that's the place?"
by thearielle August 25, 2006
What happened?? oh haha youve been casa granded!
Whos that? I dont know him. Ill help you!
Suprise@ Thats my relative and you dont get to keep your house,girlfriend,money. Now you owe me!
by jjoking April 21, 2018
A highschool in Petaluma, California, that's the only place where there are the same number of Latino's and white students, but still a small community of racists
Dude 1: "hey dude, we're playing Casa Grande Highschool tomorrow!"
Dude 2: "that place where they planned to have a pool but never did?"
Dude 1: "Yeah, the one that's recommended the same as analy"
Dude 2: "heh.. Anal..."
by C1oCkW0Rk December 9, 2016
The future Gangbangers and Homeless of America. They possess little to no intelligence. Mostly hood ass niggas who have a constant desire to hate the rival school. They do this because they know although however much they try, they ultimately will never be as valued or successful in whatever they do.
Casa Grande High School should be an example to children why education is so important and should not be neglected for hood ass nigger shit.
by GauchosAreHoodAssNiggas December 7, 2019
When a man uses his hand as toilet paper, then uses the chocolate doo-doo butter as lube to give a Tug job in a rest stop bathroom.
I had to use the restroom on the way to Phoenix, but I wound up getting a Casa Grand Chocolate Hand! It was a WINN-WINN!
by Gaysofthunder69 September 6, 2015
A school where drug addicts and assholes go. This school is made for people who have no respect for themselves, and who like to fight everyone they look at. The girls at this school, wear clown makeup and look like little hoes. And the guys are douchebags who can't rap, or have any talent! Beware of the gauchos. They are complete dicks.
"Who the hell would go to Casa Grande High School?"
"Only people who like to make a fool out of themselves and bully others!"
by thisisnotforclout November 6, 2019
City in Southern Arizona best known for the amount of stray animals and snow birds.
"Hey man want to go to Casa Grande Arizona?"
"Hell no! All the people in CG Chat are arguing over what the old Sam's Club parking lot is being used for."
by AZCityperson November 5, 2018