73 definition by dustin

very, very, very beautifl girl who is goin out with some fag. (if she broke up with me shes prolly still goin out with a fag cuz shes got a history with them). BEAUTIFUL. FUNNY. COOL. PERFECT.
Karissa Romero is perfect.
by dustin November 29, 2004

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A dramatically shrunken male genitalia.
Holy crap this water is freezing it's giving me a hoefer.
by Dustin March 08, 2005

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The latest American trend, and the greates concentration of teens in denial you could ever imagine. The latest in Emo/Hardcore/Indie/Metalcore (All of that shit, you know, it's all the same) which requires the people in it's "scene" to wear tight clothing, key clips on their pants, and band shirts. Multitudes of others along the same lines wear scarves, eyeliner, girl pants (for boys), black nail polish, zip hoodies/track jackets, and vintage clothing.

A scene person will deny being scene. They will become hostile and sometimes physical. They will tell you that you don't know what a scene is, and you don't know them, or they will play naive and just continually deny being scene. These people usually like the latest bands in the Emo world.
That guy in girl pants is really scene.
by Dustin February 23, 2005

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A good skateboard wheel
What kind of wheels do you have
Spitfire, there nice hugh
by Dustin March 24, 2005

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When a Man's sack hangs lower than his penis.
My loach is very embarressing.
by Dustin October 04, 2004

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A metal band from Casa Grande, AZ.
Dysfunction beats he shit out of everyone else's music.
by Dustin November 21, 2004

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To cheat at accomplishing a task, duty, or job.

To cheat; swindle.
I'm the one who's going to kick your phony goldbricking ass! -From the 1998 movie, The Big Lebowski
by Dustin December 02, 2003

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