49 definition by darren

Zepher - A man Who has no need to the world
Like a worthless bum sitting n the streets begging
by Darren June 16, 2003

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That really distorted Keyboard sound you hear in trance music
Man im loving that melody in that song that is being played by the saw.
by Darren March 21, 2005

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lubricative substance, used in the cutting and Tapping of steels, mainly P20 and H13.
Eh Kev !!!!!! Get some titty on it.
by Darren January 19, 2005

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The sucking of the male genital
Come on baby, gimme some suckage
by Darren September 28, 2003

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a fijian
look at that massive bunga
by darren June 04, 2004

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Acronym for "Fuck The French"
As in, Fuck The French we dont need them.
by Darren February 16, 2005

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Sum1 who doesnt kno where to put their hands during a pull! And is rly shy about doin the simplest fing wit a gal!
Because anthony is sooo frigid, david had to grab anthony's arm and put it around Sarah!
by Darren January 26, 2004

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