Used discribe an unpleasant sitiation that one could possibly be caught in. Or to discribe anothers appearent bad situation.
"If james catches me in here with his girl it would be a bad look."

"If he puts that beat on his album it would be a bad look for his career"
by M. Jones March 08, 2005
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adj.//defn: used to describe anything in which someone may feel looks/feels bad.
"Yea, this bad look"
by kylemulhern January 19, 2005
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As in the polar opposite of a good look. A negative comment or action.
"Bad lookin' out"
"That's a bad look"
by Kelleigh Augustine September 04, 2005
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Ugly; Term is often used by people as to not hurt the feelings of the person they are talking about; term usually is used by females to describe males they are talking about, but can be used to describe females as well. Males rarely use this term to describe other males.
Example 1: (Sam talking to his female friend, Alicia about a girl he likes)

Sam: I asked a girl out to lunch today, but she hasn't gotten back with me like she said she would. Maybe she thinks I'm ugly and doesn't like me.

Alicia: You're not ugly; I saw your picture and you're not bad looking.

What Alicia is really trying to say is that her friend Sam IS ugly, but doesn't want to hurt his feelings.

Example 2: (Steve and Mike talking)

Steve: Hey Mike, some girl told me I'm not bad looking today. Does you think she likes me?

Mike: Hell no dude give it up, she thinks you're ugly!
by Avu26 March 06, 2009
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