That dude believes everything he hears and says but has no clue about what is actually happening.
That person believed that? Then they are a sucker!
by FM Punk October 18, 2018
a gullible or easily deceived person.
Man that guy is a Real Sucker/AKA Bryson Rathbone.
by Bryson RATHBONE May 17, 2019
A person that has been tricked into something.
A gullible person.
Haha, you sucker!
They're all a bunch of suckers!
by Bryan Malley August 12, 2002
Sucker is another word for LOSER! It is a word often used by american teens
You sucker! Why dont you go and suck something coz ur good at that.
by Susie Burns September 15, 2003
A person who loves to suck on a penis because that's whats up.
" Damn bro, that one girl Denise is a pretty good sucker..she left my shit all limp!"
by PanchoYa already know March 2, 2012
Originated from a group of friends in Baldwinsville Ny, the term sucker is referred to as marijuana or an event that involves partaking in any underage/illegal substances.
Hey man, do you want to wake up early and smoke some sucker out of biffs turtle bowl?

I heard that there were a bunch of people trying to get a sucker going tonight, maybe moe can hook us up with a ride there.
by Bunter Splunter January 5, 2014
MTV has "Sucker Free hour or weekends" with all Black-ghetto Rap or Hip Pop music
by PCNOT September 16, 2011