That dude believes everything he hears and says but has no clue about what is actually happening.
That person believed that? Then they are a sucker!
by FM Punk October 18, 2018
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a gullible or easily deceived person.
Man that guy is a Real Sucker/AKA Bryson Rathbone.
by Bryson RATHBONE May 17, 2019
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A person that has been tricked into something.
A gullible person.
Haha, you sucker!
They're all a bunch of suckers!
by Bryan Malley August 12, 2002
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Sucker is another word for LOSER! It is a word often used by american teens
You sucker! Why dont you go and suck something coz ur good at that.
by Susie Burns September 15, 2003
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A person who loves to suck on a penis because that's whats up.
" Damn bro, that one girl Denise is a pretty good sucker..she left my shit all limp!"
by PanchoYa already know March 2, 2012
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Originated from a group of friends in Baldwinsville Ny, the term sucker is referred to as marijuana or an event that involves partaking in any underage/illegal substances.
Hey man, do you want to wake up early and smoke some sucker out of biffs turtle bowl?

I heard that there were a bunch of people trying to get a sucker going tonight, maybe moe can hook us up with a ride there.
by Bunter Splunter January 5, 2014
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A man who could have the best sex ever with the most wonderful, curious, wild, honest, funny and sexually starving woman but is so hard headed and stupid that he rather mock and block her thinking he is the shit.
Woman: -Did u know I wanted to fuck u since we met 20 y ago and no one has ever given me orgasms...
Sucker: -Go fuck yourself or kill yourself. You are to good for me. I know u always had my back, but I am dead inside. I rather lie to make u be less wonderful human being. Bitch.
Woman: -Ok...I will stop having your back. Sucker.
by Sheisnotme January 10, 2021
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