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Zepher - A man Who has no need to the world
Like a worthless bum sitting n the streets begging
by Darren June 17, 2003
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Belfast , city full of wonders!! beautiful archtecture such as the Antrim Road police station! Beautiful wall paintings depicting masked men with AK-47s Low crime rate , home of George Best the Titanic and the Ulster Fry. Well nuff of that bullshit... Its basically a crap city with decent shops wall paintings and massive fucking police stations. The police cars r well cool tho , armoured land rovers , they fuckin kick ass! (Apart from the fact they now look like ice cream vans and are full of police officers of corse!) Can be good craic here although ethnic minorities are treated as outcasts. Full of spides and millys , easily spotted by big earings fake burberry and crappy tracksuits. Home of many football clubs and Ulster Rugby. Linfield and Glentoran (the two main football teams) are VERY loyalist , Ulster Rugby is mixed and trys yo promote cross community activities
mON WILL big mawn!!! ill get ur nees dun ne mroe of ur shite!
by Darren March 31, 2005
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a slippery liquid with a viscous texture.
The lubricant is very sliquid.
by Darren September 5, 2003
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Classy, Sexy, Cool, Great and kind!
"YO that's Dazio!!!"
by Darren May 30, 2004
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Willyman is a legend to all mankind. A wilyman's cock is at least 10-12inch's. He is hung like a donkey.
Wow willyman's penis is huge and he is sick.
by Darren March 29, 2005
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lubricative substance, used in the cutting and Tapping of steels, mainly P20 and H13.
Eh Kev !!!!!! Get some titty on it.
by Darren January 19, 2005
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to hit
trish thwamped oni
by Darren November 30, 2002
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