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Anal intercource; buttsex. Can also be used as an exlamation.
by dani July 24, 2003
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n. the state of being so in "love" with a guy, that you don't care what he does. the state of being completely senseless about a guy.
girl 1: did you see girl 3 the other day? she's totally cockwhipped!
girl 2: i know, she doesn't give a damn how shitty he treats her.
by dani April 22, 2005
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Danielle Verde's man... The most perfect man alive; both soccer-wise and looks-wise... hands off biatches :P
'omg is that Cristiano and Danielle'
'Oh yehhhh, aren't they just the cutest couple'
'Fowwwwww showwwwwwwww'
by dani March 31, 2005
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A WB tv series which started in 1998. Was one of the many WB shows aimed at teenage audiences at this time. Since the cancellation of 90210 the teen genre had sort of dissolved; then Dawsons Creek, Roswell, Felicity, Buffy, 7th Heaven etc.... came along and breathed life back into the WB. Now teen audiences is mainly what the WB targets and is known for.
DAWSON'S CREEK was basically about " Four friends in a small coastal town help each other cope with adolescence."
OMIGOD!!! Did you guys watch Dawson's Creek last night? I sooo hope Joey and Pacey hook up!
by dani April 11, 2005
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When something is J-Waters.
Observing someone speaking and joshing to fake birds. For an uncomfortably long time.
by dani April 6, 2003
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something invented, made up, or fabricated; an invention; a fiction; something feigned or imagined
Social figments, feints, and formalism. --Mrs. Browning
It carried rather an appearance of figment and invention . . . than of truth and reality. --Woodward.
by dani May 24, 2003
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