65 definition by dani

something that is worn by dani and dani only
I want Dani's mest vest!
by Dani September 03, 2003

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The most awesome person in the entire world.
That girl is Fascally.
by Dani May 01, 2008

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The Ice Cream Man hands this out instead of a popsicle. Usually only given out when he makes his 3 a.m. trips around the neighborhood. He thinks he's tricking people with that damn Jack and Jill music! We're on to your tricks!
Johnny Pothead: Look guys, there's the Po--er, I mean Ice Cream Man again! Lets go get our potsicles!
by Dani December 28, 2004

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The ramifications of failing to wipe all the shit of your ass after taking a crap. Specifically, a "sticky" situation.
Shit, I got bodeg so bad, it's gonna rip a good chunk of my ass hairs off!
by Dani April 22, 2004

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to fall over, stumble, trip constantly
Dani is filled with so much unconess
by Dani September 28, 2003

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An interjection expressing anger synonyms: dang, darn, damn, crap, crud, and so on
Narfugunarfarg! This is so dang stupid I can't friken stand it!!!
by Dani December 15, 2003

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another word for farting
by Dani February 16, 2003

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