65 definition by dani

means that whatever is to the extreme.
* I'm studying like woah for this midterm tommorrow.
* The police are out like woah holdin it down
by Dani September 06, 2003

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combination of the names 'Nathan' and 'Haley' - 2 characters on the WB TV show "One Tree Hill". If you are a 'Naley' fan then you support this coupling.
Naley are the best WB couple since Pacey and Joey.
by dani December 14, 2005

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BSB-Backstreet Boys, popular five male vocal worldwide.
BSB fanfiction, "I'm a BSB fan!", "BSB is the best group."
by Dani January 08, 2005

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When two people like the same person this is called a 'Love Triangle'. For the obvious reason that the 2 individuals make up the 3 points of a triangle....
John and Marty are both totally into Katie. There is gonna be such a huge love triangle!
by Dani November 27, 2004

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Just another day where some person was born
youre birthday
by Dani January 14, 2004

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When you say that you dont need a 'play by play' it means you dont need the full details.
"Hey. I only asked how the party went to be polite, i dont need a friggin play by play of the evening!"
by Dani December 19, 2004

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A WB tv series which started in 1998. Was one of the many WB shows aimed at teenage audiences at this time. Since the cancellation of 90210 the teen genre had sort of dissolved; then Dawsons Creek, Roswell, Felicity, Buffy, 7th Heaven etc.... came along and breathed life back into the WB. Now teen audiences is mainly what the WB targets and is known for.
DAWSON'S CREEK was basically about " Four friends in a small coastal town help each other cope with adolescence."
OMIGOD!!! Did you guys watch Dawson's Creek last night? I sooo hope Joey and Pacey hook up!
by Dani April 10, 2005

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