65 definition by dani

A fan of the actor Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator, Walk the Line). The nickname was created by fans on the imdb chat boards.
GIRL: I am a joaquinian through and through!
PRONOUNCED: wah-keen-ian
by Dani February 09, 2006

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the sweet sweet juice frome a females vigina that we all as men crave
brody drank dani's tangy poonjuice and loved it
by dani December 01, 2003

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When two people are fighting (such as, in batman) someone would say "have a belt on me!" as they're hitting the other. Meaning, an offer to get hit.
Have a Belt on me, Chum!
by Dani April 07, 2005

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A term used when describing something extremely hot (i.e. a turn on).
Holy shit, that guy is sex in a can!
by Dani September 02, 2004

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even more exciting than woohoo!
daniel exclaimed: hoowoo!
by Dani September 29, 2003

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2.a carnivorous mammal long domesticated as a pet and for catching rats and mice.
3. any of a family of animals (as lion,lynx, or leopard) including the domestic cat.
Jayce has a rather lazy nitten.
by Dani November 05, 2004

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Really messed or not right.
That teacher is funkatated.
by Dani April 26, 2005

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