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a girl that you would have sex with but never enter into a full-fledged relationship with

You have to slay a couple of dragons before you find your princess!
in business terms: in HR- A benefits specialist with no hope of promotion

Matt: "Joe, you slay that dragon yet?"
Joe: "No dude, she wants to be my girlfriend!"

Hey, you want to go dragon slaying tonight?
No, I already slew one today and then threw her out!
by connorsji January 22, 2009
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a Catholic priest's favorite place to sleep.
Father Cahill had a boycott in the rectory and slept like a baby. Meow!
by connorsji May 01, 2009
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an obese person's ass- usually includes folds, wrinkles, and acne along with the fat
On The Beach: "Hey, look at that asstrocity over there. Someone should tell her to wrap a tarp over that thing
by connorsji January 16, 2009
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what one shoots into a urinal after they masturbate in a company bathroom
The secretary looked so good that I had to go blow a penile loogie in the bathroom
by connorsji May 08, 2008
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A bottle that is urinated into by a long-haul trucker as he is driving and then thrown out the window.
Joe Bob threw a uritov cocktail out his window and splashed into the State Trooper's open window, getting him arrested.
by connorsji May 08, 2008
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a burp that smells like shit
"What the hell did you eat? That was the grossest shurp I have ever smelled! Did you have beets and cottage cheese?"
by connorsji January 16, 2009
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The fecal mojito is the cousin of the uritov cocktail. It consists of a bag that a long-haul trucker uses to take a dump in and the throws it out his window as he is driving.
Driving through Boston, my wife thought that there was a dead cat on the side of the road. I knew better. The son of a bitch in front of me threw a fecal mojito at me. I swerved to avoid the shit splatter, but I didn't avoid the follow up uritov cocktail.
by connorsji May 08, 2008
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