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An iGod is an iPod that has been loaded with Christian rock and gospel music. Basically a $200 piece of techno-crap with all those Jesus-freak songs on it.
Rick Taplik: "Hey Bert, what do you have on your iPod?"

Bert Stoob: "Oh, I have a bunch of Christian rock and gospel!"

Rick Taplik: "Oh, so do you listen to that gay song 'Place In This World'?"

Bert Stoob: "I have that song but it is not gay. I am a Christian and homosexuality is strictly forbidden by God! I am deeply offended by your comments!"

Rick Taplik: "Keep listening to that iGod and you'll be gay too!"
by connorsji May 18, 2010
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Detective Connors: "This was clearly a case of hummuscide."

Distraught Wife: "I know he was murdered!"

Detective Connors: "No, you stupid twit. He ate the hummus you made. Look at the crap you put in there! You killed him!"
by connorsji January 18, 2010
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A diePod is an iPod that has been loaded with songs by either people who are dead or bands that have broken up due to a death
Jim: "Hey Dave, what are you listening to on your diePod?"

Dave: "I'm listening to Frank Sinatra right now, but I have some Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Queen, Dio, and Elvis on there!"
by connorsji May 17, 2010
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an obese person's ass- usually includes folds, wrinkles, and acne along with the fat
On The Beach: "Hey, look at that asstrocity over there. Someone should tell her to wrap a tarp over that thing
by connorsji January 16, 2009
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a boesker happens when a man's scrotum is sweaty and sticks to the inside of his leg.
Nic: "Dude, it's like 100 degrees out here!"

Phil: "Yeah, i totally have a boesker."

Nic: "Me too. I've had to shake my leg like ten times to try to get rid of it."

Phil: "I think I need a spatula."
by connorsji May 01, 2009
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A Rip Van Shtinkel is when someone farts so badly while they are asleep that the sound and odor wake them up.
Dave pulled off such a bad Rip Van Shtinkel that no only did it wake him up, it also woke up his wife and his two cats.
by connorsji December 23, 2009
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