A word for which the acronym is CP.
That catholic priest was watching CP on his PC
by Lollerc0a5t3r February 15, 2011
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1. pedophile, child raper
2. male member of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy
Man, I saw this loli walking around outside unattended. Lucky for her I'm not a Catholic Priest.
by filipino phil September 27, 2010
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That catholic priest diddled them all there innocent childs!
by PissLip March 26, 2008
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See - "Devil in a black coat"
"Run children, guard your backsides. Here comes the catholic pervert priest"
by Bill Finn November 12, 2003
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When an grown man slowly undressing a young boy from the shoulder downwards, while feeling the back of said boy's neck slowly.
by TotallyNotTheChristianChurch January 6, 2014
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Stupid men who are sexually frustrated by their commitment to celibacy. Usually molest boys and keep them silent by using their "godly" authority.
Every year, thousands of Catholic Priests are transferred by the church to help cover up the fact that most of them are child molesters.
by Tytus July 23, 2004
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Don't send your kids to a catholic church unless you want their asshole enlarged to the size of a shower drain. The priest will deny that they rape kids but they do.
Father: Son why are you limping
Son: I just got back from Church and father Rodney wanted to tell me some dumb shit that god told him but in a dark and concealed back room
Father: God damn it that filthy catholic priest raping kids and shit
by xxCakeLordxx May 29, 2020
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